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In 2013, the headquarters of SoliTek was recognized by the German chamber as development “Most compatible with the industrial environment in Europe”.
All production is powered 100% from renewable energy sources.
Most of our energy needs are met by the patented PV-Geothermal heating and cooling system, which consists of 1 MW geothermal energy and 150 kW PV energy.


SOLID Solrif®

SOLID Solrif® is specially designed for roof integrationSOLID Solrif® is specially designed for roof integration
where the glass / glass module acts as a large, strong and safe photovoltaic tile.

Thanks to SOLID Solrif®, your customer will save money twice: first on roof tiles and then again on reduced electricity bills. This was made possible when we combined our glass-glass solar module with the Solrif® system from Ernst Schweizer AG.
We call this SOLID Solrif® system. SOLID Solrif® which is valued for its ability to generate electricity, simple installation and design.

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Solid Solrif solar roofs
Solid Solrif solar roofs


Can be used instead of tiles
Fitted like tiles
Suitable for pitched roofs and carports with a slope of 12 ° -70 °


SOLID Carport

Solar sheds are canopies built to cover parking lots.
The shelters eliminate the need for a surface on which to mount the panels.
Depending on the number of parking rows required, the solar sheds are usually one, two or three rows wide.

Solar carport
Solar carport


It does not require additional terrain
It can have a wooden or metal structure
It may be facing a different direction than the existing roof



SOLID Wall is a solar power plant installed as a ventilated building facade. It produces electricity, renews architectural designs and increases the energy efficiency of the building. SOLID Wall can be mounted on various types of walls.


In commercial buildings with limited roof space, facades offer additional surfaces with enormous electricity generation potential. The electricity generated by the system can be fed into the grid or consumed immediately after it is generated.


Solid Wall Solarna ściana
Solid Wall Solarna ściana


Easy to assemble
Uniform architectural design
Increased thermal insulation of the facade
Adaptation to uneven wall surface.
Portrait and landscape orientation available